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The Outlaw Mini Mod was created to put racing back into the driver’s hands ... and out of the owner’s pocketbook. Well-designed cars using smart technical rules make the Mini Mod a competitive, fun, and very affordable option for racing in the Upper Midwest.

A brand new, race-ready, "turn key" car costs just $9,999. And on-going maintenance costs for the Outlaw Mini Mod are lower than almost any other class of dirt track race cars.


Outlaw Mini Mod

B Mod/ Sport Mod

New Car



Used Car



Fuel Used

93 Oct Unleaded @ $3/gal

Race Gas @ $8/gal

Tires Per Season

3-4 @ $100

25 or more @ $100+

Engine Replacement 

$800-$1000 (Rarely Needed)

Yearly rebuild @ $3,000

Avg Cost Per Night

$30-50 (Affordable!)


The chart above shows a comparison between the costs of owning and operating an Outlaw Mini Mod and a typical B Mod/Sport Mod level car. The bottom line? The Outlaw Mini Mod laps the competition when it comes to affordability.



Ordering your Outlaw Mini Mod is simple!

(1) Open our Outlaw Mini Mod order form (Adobe pdf file).

(2) Print the order form and choose your desired car options.

(3) Mail the form along with your $500 down payment check to:
Bat Wing Chassis, 13762 750th Avenue, Glenville MN 56036 

For more information on ordering your new Bat Wing Outlaw Mini Mod, or to talk about customization options, contact car builder Nathan Kilwine here.